Furniture Art – 5 contemporary statement pieces

If you need some inspiration for your next design venture let’s talk statement pieces. We hear that term being used a lot everywhere, but what exactly is it? A “statement piece” is a singular, standout piece (be clothing article, jewelry, in our case furniture) that is unique in some way. Since we are refering to furniture here, this piece should compliment your design and at the same time elevate it.

You may have heard people discuss about a new show-stopping item they’ve recently purchased and how it ties the room together, or maybe you came accross an item you couldn’t stop admiring – that could be a statement piece you purchased without knowing.

So, here are a few must haves for modernist design lovers.

feather table by Apiwat Chitapanya from MOCOFeather table – by Apiwat Chitapanya 

Custom Geode Table4Geode Table – by Lawrence Stoller

coffee table - city upside downWave City Coffee Table- by designer Stelios Mousarris

Capture ben young.PNGNew Lands – Ben Young

Abyss Table – by Duffy London


NOTE: I’m certain there are many more interesting designs out there, so comment and add them to this list.

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