Lip Augmentation – Basics

“I…bid you hello! You don’t know me, though you may have heard of me, but that’s not the point.”

I find this quote suitable for my first blog entry. Can you guys guess who said that? … Any Futurama fans out there?! I got a few more where that came from, but that’s not what I am looking to talk about today. So, in order to get back on subject let me ask you this…Have you ever considered lip enhancement? It’s going to be either a yes, no or maybe. For those of you who said “yes” or “maybe”, keep reading, and for those who said “no”, well … keep reading as well,  you will acquire some interesting knowledge! 

My first lip enhancement procedure didn’t go as well as I hoped, that was over a year ago, even though I did my research before hand, I feel like I still had a lot of questions unanswered. Today’s entry gives you a break down of what you need to know and/or do before your first lip enhancement procedure.

•Prices range from $400 to $1000 (depending on the city, doctor, type of filler used)
•The price is usually for 1cc, in most cases that’s enough for both lips (natural results)
•Deals available on Groupon or LifeBooker (look them up before making an appointment)
•You can wear make-up to your appointment, also it’s safe to cover the area with light make-up right after
•Procedure time – 15 to 30 min
•During procedure pain level is minimal to nonexistent
•Numbing cream is used to limit/eliminate pain; you should only feel a slight pressure when the needle is inserted
•After procedure the area is a bit sore (DO NOT take painkillers – see “Instructions”)
•Swelling and bruising is common, it goes away after 3-4 days (icing helps to some degree)
•Your permanent results show after about 2 weeks
•You might be required to take antivirals if you suffer from frequent cold sores

After you’ve put together your lip photo journal ( just kidding), it’s time to find a doctor. I used for my research. They will ask you to join the community in order to have access to all of their database, that includes pictures from actual patients, reviews on the procedures and doctors.  It’s worth the extra 2 minutes, and if you don’t want to receive emails from them, just unsubscribe. You can also use Yelp or talk to friends that have gone through this procedure, the more information you have the easier it gets to make a decision.

NOTE: There are multiple techniques used when it comes to lip enhancement. Some yield better results than others. (article coming soon)

Before you set your appointment, just keep in mind that your lips will be swollen, especially the following day. I try to set my appointments on Friday, if that’s not an option don’t fret, you can always use make-up to cover it up.

•Avoid any medication that affects bleeding (e.g. products containing Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Coumadin, Warfarin, etc.)
NO alcohol
•If you have a history of cold sores, consult your doctor about antiviral treatments

IMG_2027 (2)
Photo courtesy of California Cosmetics. You can check them out on Instagram@california_cosmetics

The procedure in itself is short, under 30 min.They should apply a numbing cream before, but that is not always the case. If you want to be prepared or not pay an extra fee, you can find it in your local pharmacy. The injections contain Lidocaine, that means they will also help numb the local incision. The numbing cream takes about 20-30 min to take effect, you shouldn’t feel any pain, just a bit of pressure. If you are brave and choose to go without, it’s not that bad guys. I must warn you that you will experience some pain, in my case, the pain was bearable, she chose the thinnest needle possible for Juvederm Plus (it has a thicker consistency), the filler was injected close to the surface. Take a deep breath in before she inserts the needle and relax your mouth muscles. Be aware, your top lip is more sensitive.
After your procedure there shouldn’t be any pain or bleeding. The area will remain red for up to 3 days, expect swelling and bruising. You can ice the area after your procedure, it helps with the swelling to some extent. Bruising normally occurs on the lips and inside the mouth, that’s if you followed the doctor’s instructions on what NOT to do. I was recommended not to drink hot beverages, avoid drinking through a straw, and kissing for a few days up to a week after. Your lips will be dry from the disinfectant, but wait until the next day to do a light scrub and moisturize. I used the sugar lip scrub from Lush, it smells divine and if you happen to get some inside your mouth it doesn’t make you cringe. You can use any kind of scrub, but again, be very gentle. I use Aquafor to moisturize.

So what happens if you are not happy with your results? If they did a bad job and you end up with uneven lips or worse, do not fret, you can have the procedure reversed by dissolving the filler. This is done by a doctor. I haven’t done it myself, so I cannot give you much insight, but the results are immediate.

Follow up

I usually go in after 2 weeks for a touch up session. The results last anywhere from 6 months to a year. Some say up to 2 years, but in my case I am not that lucky. My follow up is coming up next week so I will share the results with you guys. I will post Before & After pictures, and show you guys how to cover it up with make-up. 

If you have any questions, post them below. Also, I would love to hear about your experiences, good or bad.


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